Exotic Lifestyle Retreat "Hedo Reunion" 2017

Exotic Lifestyle Retreat "Hedo Reunion" 2017

Dr. Nan is bringing her Exotic Lifestyle Retreat back to Hedonism June 24 - July 1, 2017! As if her event wasn’t sexy enough – she has combined her Mr. Exotic World Competition to add more spice for everyone.

Men, Women, Couples and groups of friends are all invited to our week-long party including daily pool parties, erotic theme nights, sexy seminars, spicy contests, sexy photo shoots, naughty games and so much more!

Dr. Nan has the hottest support team on the planet! This year she is being assisted by Cameo Kyle (Cameo Entertainment), who will be the acting director of the Exotic Lifestyle Exotic Entertainers; and the winner of the Mr. Exotic World, Brad Alexander (Canadian Playboyz) who will be this year’s director of the Mr. Exotic Competition.

Along with a few of our most popular men (Justin XL, Apollo, Wanted, & Frank Krave) we have added some incredible exotic women to the mix from the City Of Dom’s – they bring an entirely new dimension of EXOTIC to our party.

Become a VIP! We have perks for our VIPS who support our company and believe in our mission of making this world a sexier and less judgmental place to enjoy our lives authentically. LEARN MORE...

Contact Dr. Nan Directly: drnanelevents@gmail.com


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    Saturday 24th Jun 2017
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      11:00 am Welcome Pool Party~ Drop Your Bags & Grab a Drink!

    11a - 3pm

    UPON ARRIVAL you will be greeted in the lobby by one of our ELR Hosts and assisted with your check in process.  

    NOTE: If you are a VIP you will be gifted your extra sexy VIP Bag, ID Bracelet, and the extra goodies we have for you.  You will also be the VIP ONLY Event Invitations along with your VIP PASS for entrance.  

    Become A VIP! PURCHASE PACKAGE NOW!  See Details In Image

    Join Dr. Nan and crew for a fun and empowering overview of the Hedonism Culture, rules of engagement, 10 keys to having the best time of your life, along with 5 things you can avoid by attending this semiar.

    Seminar Room (old squash court)
      10:30 pm Mr. Exotic World Contest #1

    10:30PM - 11:30 PM In THE PIANO BAR

    Mr. Exotic World Competition Starts off with "DRESS TO IMPRESS".  

    The contestants will be schmoozing with all the guests to create their "FIRST IMPRESSION".  The guests are the judges.  Please find one of the Mr. EXOTIC WORLD BALLOTS at the bar, piano or located on the tables.... Vote for your FAVORITE Contestant and drop in the BALLOT BOX AT THE BAR before you leave.  YOUR VOTES COUNT!

    Sunday 25th Jun 2017
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      11:00 am CONTEST #2 ~ Partner Yoga with The Contestants & Hosts

    Join Dr. Nancy, the Mr. Exotic Contestants, & The ELR Hosts for an hour of FUN and SEXY Partner Yoga.  NO YOGA EXPERIENCE OR ABILITY REQUIRED.

    It's all about getting to know each other, being supported by and offering support to each other.  It's fun, bonding and the perfect way to get our week together started!

    Meet in the GYM.  The Contestants are being judged on:  Their participation, cooperation, ability to connect and provide, willingness to jump in and have fun with everyone.  

    Grab your ballots before you leave and VOTE! 

    Monday 26th Jun 2017
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    Tuesday 27th Jun 2017
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    Wednesday 28th Jun 2017
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    Thursday 29th Jun 2017
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    Friday 30th Jun 2017
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    Saturday 1st Jul 2017


City Of Doms

Joining the ELR "Hedo Reunion" are four of the finest, hottest, sexiest Doms and Fems in the world! Never before at Hedonism have they had such an eclectic array of Hot & Spicy Entertainment!!


Get the Most out of your Exotic Lifestyle Experience... BECOME A VIP! See the Perks you'll receive. Purchase Link . https://www.paypal.me/ExoticLifestyleClub/150

Mr Exotic World Competition

Bringing the 2017 Mr. Exotic World Competition to the ELR "Hedo Reunion"! BE A JUDGE! First Step: Help get your favorites to Jamaica with the ONLINE VOTE! www.MrExotic.net Second Step: Join us in Jamaica and help take your favorite to the finals.... Third Step: Three VIP's will be chosen to add to the Judiciary Panel to choose the winner for Mr Exotic World 2017.

Exotic Lifestyle's

Returning are a half a dozen of our ELR favorites! We can't imagine traveling without Exotic Mr Apollo Curve, the handsome GI J'son Thompson, our sexy southern gentleman, and Frank Krave. all here with Cameo Kyle - NY's Finest Entertainment Promoter and one of the world's sexiest men!

Canadian Playboyz

Brad Alexander, the CEO of Canadian Playboyz will be in the house! As the reigning Mr. Exotic 2016, he will be one of our sexy Co-Hosts as well as bringing a couple of his hottest entertainers for the Mr. Exotic World 2017


Hedonism II

About Hedonism
A Hedonism II vacation is not for the faint of heart but ideal for the open-minded and the free-spirited. Located on the 7 Mile Beach strip in beautiful Negril Jamaica, Hedonism II is an adult only resort that offers clothing optional or nude facilities. One of the first resorts of it’s kind; Hedonism is famous worldwide for its wild adult themed parties, night time entertainment, and nude beach games. Though there are a few other resorts that now offers a similar type atmosphere as Hedonism II, this adult playground is still considered by many to be the top clothing optional resorts in the world, especially for those seeking more than just a sunny beach location to lay out and sunbathe naked.

The Resort
Hedonism II is a 280-room beachfront resort, located in the famous resort town, Negril, about one hour away from the Donald Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ). The resort is divided into two sections known as the “Nude” or “Prude” side. On the nude side, being naked is mandatory, and this is where you will find most of the resort's guests during the daytime. The Prude Side is the much larger but quieter side of the resort, and this is where you can hang out if you are too shy to be naked. Hedonism Resort features three speciality restaurants, five bars, including a piano bar, five pools, the main buffet dining area that also serves as the main stage for the nightly entertainment, a nightclub, six tennis courts, a spa and a lovely fitness centre. If you are into watersports, Hedonism offers a wide variety of watersports activities from sailing on the 3 hour Catamaran cruise to Scuba Diving. Hedonism II is an all-inclusive resort so once you have paid for your accommodations, all your meals, alcohol, drinks and the use of the resort's amenities are included, except for spa services. The resort also offers free WIFI in some areas.

Who Can Go
Hedonism II allows couples and singles over the age of 21 years old. The resort normally has about 80% couples, but singles that go to Hedonism enjoy the nightly parties and the open-minded atmosphere. It is very likely that you will witness a high volume of PDA at Hedonism II so if this makes you uncomfortable, then Hedonism is not the right place for you. The experience at the resort varies from week to week depending on the crowd, so it is best to talk to a Hedonism travel specialist about when the best time is for you to visit Hedonism.

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